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انگلیسی برای دانشجویان رشته جامعه شناسی (1940)

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عنوان  انگلیسی برای دانشجویان رشته جامعه شناسی (1940)
نویسنده دکتر محمدحسین کشاورز، دکتر موسی نوشی کوچکسرایی/-
قطع وزیری 
صفحات 178
نوع جلد شومیز
سال چاپ
ناشر سازمان مطالعه و تدوین کتب علوم انسانی دانشگاهی (سمت)
نوبت چاپ 1

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English for the Students of Sociology, an EAP textbook for undergraduate university students of Sociology, aims to develop the learners’ reading ability in academic contexts. To this end, it: · includes a variety of up-to-date authentic texts from a wide range of text types and genres · focuses on fostering reading skills and strategies helpful in disciplinary contexts · has a broad range of meaningful and engaging tasks and activities · organizes units around themes to make them reader-friendly · involves in-depth vocabulary activities · provides great opportunities for improving grammar in context . uses translation as both a reading practice and a translation activity


سرفصل ها و عناوین

Schematic Chart


Understanding Sociology

Reading : What Is Sociology?

Reading : Sociology and the Social Sciences

The Social Imagination

Reading : Seeing the Broader Social Context

Reading : Sociological Imagination

Major Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology (Part I)

Reading : The Functionalist Perspective

Reading : The Conflict Perspective

Major Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology (Part II)

Reading : The Interactionist Perspective

Reading : The Sociological Approach

Communication & Interaction

Reading : Social Interaction and Everyday Life

Reading : What Is Nonverbal Communication and Body Language?


Reading : Socialization Defined

Reading : Adult Socialization

Social Status & Role

Reading : Social Status

Reading : Social Roles: Definition and Types of Social Roles

Methodology of Sociology

Reading : Sociological Research: Designs and Methods

Reading : The Roles of the Sociologist


Reading : Demography

Reading : World Population Pressures: Malthus versus Marx

.Sociology of Family

Reading : The Family and Gender

Reading : Gender and Capitalist Development

.Sociology of Culture

Reading : What Is Culture?

Reading : Elements of Culture

.Sociology of Communication & Mass Media

Reading : Communication and Mass Media

Reading : The Impact of the Television on Our Society

Word List







قیمت هر تکی : ۱۴۲,۵۰۰ ریال ( با اعمال تخفیف )
قیمت هر محصول(تکی): ۱۴۲,۵۰۰ ریال ( با اعمال تخفیف )
قیمت مصرف کننده(تکی): ۰ ریال
حجم / وزن : ۲۴۰ گرم
ارسال توسط تأمین کننده
تحویل تا ۰ روز کاری آینده
تعداد در هر کارتن : ۱ عدد
امکان پرداخت در محل

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